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November 29, 2009


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That is so awesome, Gina! I had totally forgotten that you hinted this project, and I really love it. I've seen similar ones on Etsy before but never totally Dickens! Bad thing is that now I want one...

One more question - the charms on the site you linked look all silver, but your charms were gold, right?

That is so splendid! I think I want one too. Which book would I choose, though? This one is just so marvelous I think I would probably choose "Little Dorrit" too.

Thanks, both of you! No, I used silver charms and a silver link bracelet, which I got at if I remember correctly. It might just be the light making them look gold.

I was actually inspired by a "Victorian novelists" charm bracelet at, but they don't have it up anymore. I've been thinking about other Dickens books that might adapt themselves to a charm bracelet, but I haven't been able to come up with any yet. Maybe "Little Dorrit" just happens to have more things that can be used as symbols than the other books do!

Copperfield! I'm going to make one!

Awesome! I can't wait to see it. Please let me know if you want any tips!

Nicholas Nickleby: A flask, for Newman Noggs; a cane, for the schoolmaster; a little Shakespeare book, for Nicholas; a rope, for Ralph Nickleby; a thimble, for Kate; a spoon, for Mrs. Squeers; a big, arrow-pierced heart for Fanny Squeers; a smiley face, for the Cheerybles; a paintbrush, for Miss LaCreevy; a pineapple, for Mr. Mantolini; a pistol, for Sir Mulberry Hawk; a little house, for Smike...

What a beautiful bracelet!!! I love the top hat and shoe especially; I used to be into beading jewelry, but I didn't know one could find all those different kinds of charms! The purple crystals are such a nice touch, and the perfect color. :)

Hey, I have a tip for anyone interested in making one of these (and even if you want to add extra charms to yours, Gina!). You could try searching "steampunk jewelry" or "steampunk charms" on They have tons of watch faces, keys, locks, and all other kinds of Victorian/vintage charms! :)

Ah, good thinking! That never even occurred to me! :-)

"Steampunk" is one of those words of which I can never quite figure out the definition, no matter how much I read about it. (I even wrote an LJ about it once: ) But I've at least gotten pretty familiar with the look of it by now.

Haha, "steampunk". I can try to give you my definition, if you like. Steampunk is the fashion/design movement that mixes stereotypical "Victorian" elements (especially corsets and top hats!) with futuristic gadgets and inventions with lots of gears. Their inspiration comes from 19thC sci-fi novels like "Journey to the Center of the Earth".

I found the links to the bracelets you were looking at - I fell in love with the exact same ones a few months ago! :

Wow, Nibs. That bracelet is brilliant.

Oh look, someone at Etsy made a "Christmas Carol" one! Very nice![]=tags&includes[]=title

Splendid. Not quite so splendid as some of the other ones, though.

Beautiful! This has inspired me to make a Christmas Carol bracelet. Or maybe a Great Expectations bracelet??

Wonderful idea! If you do, please send pics!

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