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August 03, 2010


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I love a mystery! Not including the close-up in which "Count Smorltork" is clearly visible, there are seven pictures. In the order they appear in the article, my guesses are as follows.

1. can't read
2. Martin Chuzzlewit
3. Mr. Dumpkins - this may be a misspelling, intentional or otherwise of Dumkins, the cricket player in Pickwick Papers.
4. Tim Linkinwater
5. Little Nell
6. can't read
7. can't read - I am tempted to see the first name as "David", but the last name is definitely not "Copperfield", so that's probably wrong.

Either the guy who named these trucks had a strong partiality to the early novels, or he was going through the books in order and hadn't gotten past Martin Chuzzlewit yet.

I hope that one of them is Jarvis Lorry. Just saying . . .

Heh. :-)

Likewise it would be very disappointing if they didn't have a truck named "Chevy Slyme".

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