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March 08, 2009


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I loved this adaptation, and I hadn't seen it back in 1999. I wonder if anyone knows the actual location of Aunt Betsey's extraordinary house. I poked around in some of the websites, and couldn't find any info on filming locations. What a beauty!

I actually wasn't too keen on this version - in fact, it's probably my next-to-least favorite. It just seems like they miscast a lot of the main characters, particularly the wooden David and Uriah Heep, who seems rather frightened and far too stiff and old and standoffish to be book!Uriah. I also couldn't stand how they had Agnes imply she would marry Uriah. In the book she was strong enough to say she never would, but in this she kind of just looks sadly at David and later speaks up to Uriah after he's already been caught and there's nothing at stake.

Just my two cents, though, and there were a lot of great moments. I just think it could have been better with such a cast (and such great scenery - I too was floored by the bird wallpaper!). :)

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