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April 30, 2009


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Largely inspired by Austen films, but how about James McAvoy?

I'm a big Sydney Carton fan, too; so far I've only seen the version with James Wilby, and he's great in the role.

The hard thing about casting A Tale of Two Cities is finding two actors that resemble each other. Orlando Bloom and Rupert Friend came to mind recently (people have remarked on their resemblance), and upon re-watching P&P, I thought that even their voices are very alike! Not sure if Bloom would be right for the role, but it could be a big screen film, which would be amazing.

Ioan Gruffudd is also a great idea (big fan of him) and he's done quite a bit of costume drama. Or maybe Richard Armitage, of North & South fame? I picture Carton being blond, though.

I think Ioan Gruffudd would be great! He was wonderful in Amazing Grace and he seems the right age, younger than Russell Crowe and Colin Firth; the only thing is I imagine him being more polished than Carton (he'd definitely be a good Darnay). I could also see Hugh Jackman but then he's almost TOO rugged: from illustrations I think of Sydney as dark-haired and thinner. But not Orlando Bloom, he's too effiminate in my opinion!

Isn't it funny how we all get different impressions from the same book? I've always thought of Sydney as having light brown hair! :-)

Hey, thought of another one, what about Gerard Butler? He seems to be pretty popular these days.
I could also see how they would get someone like Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr. Wouldn't actually LIKE those choices but I can see how they'd weasel their way into the role. ;)

Oh, Anthony Andrews would have been lovely, twenty years ago. Sigh.
The Hugh Jackman suggestion took me aback, since he's not physically what I would have thought, but he's such a good actor he could do lovely things with it. Ibid Ioan Gruffudd, who I think is a little too handsome for it.
What I like best is when they have Sydney and Charles played by the same person. I think that was my one problem with the James Wilby version (which I love--he was a splendid Sydney): the two actors looked nothing at all alike.

You had to mention the Anthony Andrews/Sydney thing. Now I'm tearing my hair out wishing someone had thought of that. :-P Scream!

And Mel would have been awesome.

(And as you know, I completely agree on the Michael/Phantom issue! Just saying. :-))

I have the Chris Sarandon version and the one thing I do like about it is that Charles and Sydney were played by the same actor. I mean, it's difficult to find two people that look so incredibly alike that people would mistake them for each other.

Ioan Gruffudd is an incredible actor who could do it well. As much as I have a grudge against Gerard Butler for the Phantom role, he'd play a good Sydney, too, I think.

I think I'm going to have to ponder this and make my own TOTC dream cast. :-)

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