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April 03, 2009


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Regarding the BBC production, I cannot get over how incredibly realistic the sets, scenes, and characters are. Even though I am only up through Chapter 6 in the book, the descriptions of the characters, cityscapes, the Marshalsea, the Clennam's house, the Marseille dock and prison scenes all just seem to be spot-on. I have talked my wife into watching too, and now she's just as hooked. I can tell that this will be a DVD set that I shall certainly purchase and watch again (and again ;>)! Again, I can't tell you how cool it is to have found your blog. It'll be fun to follow this novel with all of you, as well as Dickens' other works. Cheers!

Good article. Here's quote I disagree with, though:

"'The main thing is the fact that Amy and Arthur don't care about money, and they never have," Foy said, "and in the end they're happier without it.'"

In my opinion, Arthur cares about money a little too much. His very determination to refuse Amy just because she has money demonstrates that he cares too much in the opposite direction. He cares so much about who has money and who doesn't, or about what money can do to you, or about his own relation to money, that he's willing to destroy the hopes, dreams, cares, and very soul of a girl whom no one has ever truly cared for. She sits there asking him for happiness, and he refuses to give it to her because of money. That's the part of the book that I hate the most.

Christy, you are so right! I wanted to reach into the page and shake Arthur by his cravat! She loved him, and the blind fool didn't realize it for far too long! Arrgghh! In almost every one of Dickens novels there is always the back-and-forth over money; one side or the other. "Money, it makes the world go 'round..." It was relevant then, just like now. Great comment, Christy! Cheers! Chris

Hear hear! Shake him by the old cravat. He needs it.

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