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April 22, 2009


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Rowan Atkinson as Mr Micawber? I HAVE to see that!

Hey, I actually know something about this! There used to be a bunch of information at but the site’s down at the moment. They’ve confirmed that Dominic Cooper will be playing Steerforth (don’t think he’s exactly handsome enough but we shall see), Kevin McNally will play Dan Peggotty, Julie Walters will play Aunt Betsey, and Simon Pegg will play Uriah Heep (which is looking pretty appropriate to me). There’s also tentative deals with Hayden Christiansen as Davy himself, and there was a prototype film poster. J I’m sort of looking forward to it, I just hope they’re able to keep it PG, which they should be able to do since the only really violent scene is David’s beating. I think it could be good!
By the way Gina, I’m loooving this blog. I’ve linked it at my DC tribute site here: Come check it out when you get a chance, it’s opened on the 160th anniversary of DC’s first installment!

Very nice site, Nibs! I tried to sign your guestbook but couldn't find the "submit" button. (The techie side of websites/blogs is not my strong suit.) But I did see it and I'll put a link in the blogroll!

Ugh, don't worry about it, the guestbook wasn't working, but it's fixed now...XD Glad you visited!

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