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April 19, 2009


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Firstly, I just want to say that I have been reading this blog for several weeks now and I really appreciate your thoughts on Little Dorrit, and all Dickens in general. :)

Secondly... I now know why I wasn't as 'into' the story last night as I usually wasn't boring, but it just wasn't as interesting as the previous episodes. The characters were all well acted, I think, especially Fanny. I agree that the scene with her wanting to go back to dancing didn't seem believable, it was really funny, but it just didn't really seem to fit in. I would of dearly liked to see Mrs. Merdle's reactions to Fanny & Edmund's marriage, but there wasn't any. :( (or perhaps it was cut from the PBS version for time constraints...) Anyways, I missed that. I also liked Arthur telling Rigaud he was a scoundrel (my brother kept wishing for a duel between them) but I felt that it seemed a little bit...out of place? It wasn't in the book, and I'm not sure if Arthur would of really come right out and said that after just meeting him. Even if he did know that Rigaud was a murderer...

Anyways...all that to say I'm really enjoying reading your entries on Little Dorrit! :) Keep it up!

So I am not the only one who did not enjoy last night's installment as much as the others! I found myself checking the clock every 15 minutes or so wondering when it would be over.

There are so many story lines and loose ends...I'm certain next week's episode will be better.

Love your blog. Cheers.

To your earlier note re: Panck's verbally out dueling Flora, Flora's garrulous side is much better shown in this episode...

Nice touch: "paragon of propriety": what's next: "prisms & prunes"?

Thanks for illuminating the Cinderella angle: I missed most of that too.

Madness, madness, madness... This episode brought to the forefront the impending madness of Pere Dorrit and that of Mr. Merdle. I really liked how Davies' script made Mr.Dorrit's psychological breakdown so incredibly palpable. I also agree with you, Gina, that the narrated 'correspondence' between Amy and Arthur is so touching and loving. And Pancks...Well, Pancks is just getting better and better. I am sorry to know that there is only one episode left...Boo-Hoo. Great blog entry, Gina! Cheers!

I so despise Mr. Dorrit! He was portrayed magnificently, and I hated him passionately through the entire show. And I loved Frederick, especially when he finally stood up to his brother and niece, albeit mildly. Good on him!

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