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April 12, 2009


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Hello W-fan. Sorry, I only know your user id from FSU. I have been faithfully reading your blog since you shared the information with me a few weeks back.

I have not read Little Dorrit. How are Amy and Arthur trading letters without her family's knowledge?

I too was wondering why Mrs. General hardly ever corrects Fanny.

As a dog lover, I was so very sad for Lion and the Gowans. I'm hoping Blandois "gets his" in the end.

Love Pancks and agree about Marsan - wonderful!

I look forward to seeing how the story ends, but will miss it when the series is over.

Hi, Integrity! Thanks for commenting!

In the book, Amy only dared to write to Arthur twice, and he didn't write to her at all, as per her instructions ("it is best for no one to write to me"). I love that they have him writing to her here -- it helps give the sense that they're still connected during the separation -- but I don't know how she would manage to keep it secret, unless she kept an eye out for the coming of the mail every single day!

Mrs. General didn't correct Fanny in private, but I did notice that Fanny's accent when they went to visit Pet seemed much more polished--only a little of the Cockney came through on a couple of words (like Amy's name).

I'm currently reading Bleak House (as I'm using it as a cultural touchstone in a novel I'm writing), but am looking forward to reading LD when I finish BH. Your running commentary on each episode of LD have been wonderful!

Thanks very much, Kaye!

Gina, reading your synopsis of the third installment was just as wonderful and entertaining as watching it! My wife and I sat down and watched Episode 3 last night and were once again mesmerized. I am simply amazed at how faithful Davies' script has been to the novel! One of the poignant moments to me was Little Dorrit's enchantment with nature as they were all trekking up the pass to the monastery in the Italian Alps. You could almost see that after her entire life in the Marshalsea and the streets of London, she was trying to absorb every green leaf and ray of sunshine in the wilderness around her. As you mentioned above, the "secret" and very comfortable relationship she has with Uncle Frederick is so touching and loving.

I can't wait to purchase the DVD and spend hours just watching this carefully from start to finish on a rainy day!

Have a great day, Gina; and keep up the great work!

Great site. I am a Dicken's fan (Bleak, Expectations, Curiousity, etc) but put LD down last year and never picked it up again. Now I am very close to finishing it while enjoying the TV series.

Are you on FSU too? Is that figure skating universe? If not, forgive my curiosity.

Yes and yes! :-)

What I small world! I don't post there very often, but when I do, I'm under the ID "Jun Y". :-)


"It's been coming for a while, but I've officially decided that Eddie Marsan as Pancks is the best supporting actor in the cast. There are lots of greats, doing terrific work, but he's just outshining everybody."

I completely agree. Mr. Pancks was amazing.
I kept thinking Flintwinch's name was Flintwich, too. And that was after first watching the movie and then reading the book.

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