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April 20, 2009


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I discovered your blog a few days ago, and I truly enjoy reading your entries. Although I'm a native French speaker (from Quebec), I've always been fascinated by the English language. This has led me to authors such as Dickens, who can weave pictures from words with unequaled elegance and wit. Unfortunately, living in a francophone environment means that I'm unable to share my enthusiasm with anyone "in real life". For this reason, blogs such as yours have become essential to me. Never for one moment think that you're "prattling in the void"!

I was happy to see that we seem to have been struck by the same scenes in "Little Dorrit", especially in part 4. And that reference to Cinderella? Who says Dickens can't be romantic! :-)

I can relate to what you say in your first paragraph!! I haven't read "Little Dorrit" but these running titles sound great. I love subtlety in literature, and that Cinderella reference was perfect; if you miss it, no big deal - but it's there if you find it!

Makes it worth going out and finding the Penguin's Classics edition. Thanks for sharing, Gina. Cheers! Chris

Again, thank you all so much!

Rob -- I had a feeling you would understand. :-)

Deleilan -- your English is excellent. Better than that of many native English speakers I've known, actually!

That is so sweet. I need to go look at that and see if it's in my edition.

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