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May 07, 2009


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That sounds really fun, I know that at, the site owner is reading DC in serialized form. I'll have to try that with one of the books...but I don't know if I have the patience!
And I thoroughly agree that serialized TV drama - and many TV shows in general - rely on tricks and rating stunts. Almost nothing happy happens or it gets destroyed, whereas in Dickens there are some pleasant moments and bonds that last. :)

Those are pretty much my thoughts on Joss Whedon, actually. The best thing he's ever done is Firefly and part of the reason is that they cut it off before it had a chance to devolve into gratuitous character torture. My husband and I have a ongoing argument about Buffy, which, I think ought to have ended after buffy graduated high school...that was a natural conclusion. He thinks the roast of the show is brilliant and I agree that the writing is genius in a couple of episodes, but most of it is like watching a cat play with a mouse before killing it. Refused to watch dollhouse...the whole premise gave me the was going to take pure genius to make it not mysoginistic.
So yeah. A hundred and fifty years ago, perhaps they knew how to pull the gravy train into the station better than writers of today.

I feel very much the same way about Whedon! Wouldn't you just love to know what Dickens would have made of him? Oh, for a time machine . . . :-)

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