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June 28, 2009


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"updated, comical version"? Hm, well, I hope it's good, and not too comedic. "real people" could be a good thing (like BBC's North & South, a movie you can take seriously). Hopefully this David Copperfield will be a nice balance of family-friendly, serious, and tasteful comedy; it'll be interesting to see the trailer!

Goodness Gina, if you keep plugging my site like this I'm going to have to do something to show my appreciation!

I also think that Hayden Christensen is not quite the right David. First of all I don't think he's British (I believe he's from Canada) and it's never good to cast a non-Brit in a British role, and secondly, he looks more like he belongs in a boy band than a Dickensian drama.

In the style of the Sydney Carton question a month or so ago, who do you think would make a better David? I kind of have James MacAvoy on the brain after seeing him as Mr. Tumnus. I dunno, he just seems like he'd do a nice job as David, but I'd like to get other opinions too. :)

Hey guys! I can't wait until the new version of David copperfield comes out! Does anybody know the date when it will come out? Nibs and Gina, I love your sites!

Thank you very much for stopping by, Angela! According to my site tracker, it's thanks to Gina that I get all the publicity and visits that I do.

I'm posting everything I learn on that page, and I check for news on the film daily. :)

My last post screwed up, apparently. :'( Anyway, the link is to a page on my site sharing information on the film, in case you'd like to know. As far as release dates, most sites I see schedule the film for 2009 or 2010. It seems it can't get here fast enough, for me! :)

No, that was just me -- sometimes it takes me a while to get around to publishing comments. I screen them to keep the spam out.

Welcome, Angela! And Nibs, I think James would be a very good David!

One more bit of info on this topic, after doing some more research I've just been learned, primarily thanks to this site:

that Hayden Christensen has neither confirmed nor denied his involvement in the film as David. likes to say otherwise but we better take Hayden's word for it, yes? (And personally, I'm hopeful they'll get someone else!)

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