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June 30, 2009


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Gina, here's a link to the illustration referenced in Gates' essay. This is an unfinished painting by Robert William Buss that was started in 1875, and is entitled, "Dickens' Dream".

Here's the link:

Cheers! Chris

That's a neat picture; interestingly, the "dreams" floating around are reproducing illustrations to his books. If you look right in the middle, you can see Micawber as well as a scene with David and Dora from Fred Barnard's pictures.

Beautiful! You guys have better eyes than I do, though; I can hardly make out any of the characters at all. Anyone see the picture of Pickwick and Sam Weller?

Gina & Nibs, here's the Pickwick/Sam Weller drawing! Enjoy!

Cheers! Chris

...and speaking of "Dombey and Son", as David Gates does in the essay above, I have to say that my wife and I are thoroughly enjoying the terrific 1983 BBC film adaptation (available through Netflix); and we'll be finishing the final five episodes tonight. The character casting is exquisite! One can easily tell that the BBC was very faithful to the original illustrations by 'Phiz' in character casting, costuming, and scene staging. "Dombey and Son" is one of my top four most favorite Dickens novels (i.e., in the order written, "Dombey and Son", "Bleak House", "Little Dorrit", and "Our Mutual Friend"). They are sublime and as near perfect as a novel could be, IMHO. Cheers! Chris

Oh, that's the Pickwick picture! Very nice! Thanks for both of these, Chris.

You're the second person in the past few weeks to talk up "Dombey and Son" to me. My cousin Annie, a fellow rabid Dickensian, told me it's her favorite Dickens novel. Another one that I haven't read in far too long and need to pick up again.

I have great respect for the 1980s BBC adaptations - they have a mix of good production values but also stay very true to the characters and stories. I haven't seen their version of Dombey and Son, but I'm going to be ordering a Region 2 version of DC from 1986 soon. (Thank goodness for malfunctioning DVD players that encourage the purchase of a multiregional one!) <3<3<3

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