The Gospel in Dickens
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July 28, 2009


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*blushes* I'm glad you like it! :) My next Dickens project ought to be an attempt to figure out the piano music for the themes from Little Dorrit; but, we'll see. :P

Wow, thanks for mentioning me.
I love that doll, too! Beautifully done.

Here's a few sketches done in pencils and colored pencils - I think that counts as a Dickens-related project, yes? (Sorry for the poor scan quality):

Top row: David, Peggotty, and Dan Peggotty
Bottom row: Wickfield, Uriah Heep, and Traddles

Mr. Dick and the writing desk I never finished:

And the lovely Agnes:

Marian, that's a really neat doll outfit! And I hope you do figure out that piano music (particularly the opening), I'll make my sister play it! I've already gotten to read Christy's lovely fics. And Gina, you mentioned the lolz! XD I have to share credit because my sister came up with the line for the "dog" one. And I can't wait for your top-secret project - is it that Sydney Carton fic you should be writing right about now?

Actually, no (though I still might get to that, one of these days). It's not fanfiction-related at all. It may surprise you! :-)

Your drawings are excellent! I may have nightmares about Uriah Heep tonight.

I'd like to try the piano music myself, but I have absolutely no hope of figuring it out on my own, so Marian, best of luck with that. And if you get it, please send it along!!

thanks! Nibs, I really like your drawings (especially the neckties and hair)! They definitely look Dickensian. And Christy, I just read Discovering Dickens; I'm haven't seen The Pretender, but good job on the descriptions of Dickens characters! I very much like your writing style, too. :)

As far as the sheet music goes, I gave the opening music a try yesterday, and it turned out to be quick and fairly easy, though I'm pretty sure it's not perfectly accurate:

Marian -- wow! I can't wait to print it out and play it!!

Thanks, Marian!

Wow, those are great sketches, Nibs. I like the one of David best, but the Uriah Heep one is awesome, too.

Thanks very much for the compliments, you guys! <3

Marian, I'm going to have my sister take a look at that music. I really loved the entire opening segment of LD but the music was what really made it.

And Gina, when can we expect your project to be revealed?

Soon, I hope. Maybe in a week or two, if all goes well.

I just hope I can get a decent picture of it when it's done. My camera doesn't always do what I tell it to do.

Oh, wow...! *blushes* I'm pleasantly surprised you liked my attempt at writing something for Little Dorrit to link it here. What an honor. Thank you. :)

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