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October 07, 2009


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David: affectionate
Clara Copperfield: weak
Peggotty: loyal
Miss Betsey: awesome
Daniel Peggotty: fatherly
Ham: gentle
Little Em'ly: ambitious
Mrs. Gummidge: morose
Mr. Murdstone: evil
Miss Murdstone: cruel
Steerforth: selfish
Traddles: adorable
Mr. Micawber: grandiloquent
Mr. Dick: jolly
Mr. Wickfield: weak
Agnes: wise
Uriah Heep: slimy
Dr. Strong: absentminded
Annie Strong: sincere
Mrs. Markleham: hilarious
Jack Maldon: scummy
Dora: silly
Miss Mowcher: tough
Littimer: cold
Mrs. Steerforth: haughty
Rosa Dartle: resentful
Martha: rescuer

I'd love to participate, but I don't know this particular novel. When you get to Oliver Twist, Little Dorrit, A Christmas Carol, or Bleak House I'll probably do better. Yes, I'm a terrible person who likes the ones that have been made into films, and I haven't seen a single David Copperfield one. Although I did read it, but about ten years ago, so I have no idea who most of the characters are anymore.

And are we supposed to put our responses in the comments or on our own blogs?

In the comments here -- but also on your own blogs, if you'd like!

I had thought of doing "Great Expectations" next, but maybe I'll do "Little Dorrit" instead. So many people saw the movie (relatively speaking) that it would probably be a good choice.

I think I know who that one reader may be, LOL...
David: sensitive (as in sensitive to others, what's going on around him, etc.)
Clara Copperfield: naive
Peggotty: dedicated
Miss Betsey: eccentric
Daniel Peggotty: determined
Ham: good
Little Em'ly: unsatisfied
Mrs. Gummidge: pathetic, lol
Mr. Murdstone: harsh
Miss Murdstone: strict
Steerforth: heartless
Traddles: honest
Mr. Micawber: optimistic
Mr. Dick: sweet
Mr. Wickfield: weak
Agnes: caring (because I can't just put AWESOME!!)
Uriah Heep: um, is this a trick question? I think I'll say selfish instead of the obvious one. ;)
Dr. Strong: honorable
Annie Strong: suspected
Mrs. Markleham: interfering
Jack Maldon: lazy
Dora: childish
Miss Mowcher: keen
Littimer: stiff
Mrs. Steerforth: prideful
Rosa Dartle: vindictive
Martha: repenting

I wrote mine before looking at yours and they're pretty different! This is fun!

Hey, I have another meme that could easily be turned into a Dickens one (and would be really funny, too):

And hey, we forgot Mr. Creakle (violent), Mr. Mell (shabby) and Mrs. Micawber (devoted) on the list. Shame on us! :D

I used "awesome"! :-) I meant it in both senses of the word: admirable and awe-inspiring, since Miss Betsey has the ability to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers.

It is fun, isn't it? You came up with some really good ones!

I did leave a few out -- it wrung my heart to do it, but there were so many characters (there's also Julia Mills and Mr. Barkis and Mr. Chillip and Mr. Spenlow and Minnie and Mr. Omer and . . . ) that I just couldn't list them all.

That other meme looks intriguing! We'll have to try it sometime!

Oh, and of course, Jip! How could I forget Jip!

David: earnest
Clara Copperfield: limp
Peggotty: ruddy
Miss Betsey: indomitable
Daniel Peggotty: dependable
Ham: clueless
Little Em'ly: sad
Mrs. Gummidge: redundant
Mr. Murdstone: chilling
Miss Murdstone: vile
Steerforth: solipsistic
Traddles: adorable
Mr. Micawber: bald
Mr. Dick: kites
Mr. Wickfield: ineffectual
Agnes: angel
Uriah Heep: oily
Dr. Strong: good-intentioned
Annie Strong: wise
Mrs. Markleham: butterfly
Jack Maldon: tool
Dora: pen-holder
Miss Mowcher: surprising
Littimer: repellant
Mrs. Steerforth: hard
Rosa Dartle: harder
Martha: waif

Those are some interesting ones, Valancy! Though I must admit, I don't see Mrs. Markleham (the old soldier) as a butterfly. :)

I like "solipsistic" for Steerforth.

I can't wait until you do another book. Copperfield is one of the few that I haven't read yet (I'm presently working on "Our Mutual Friend").

I second OMF as the next novel!

Ah, well, then we'd have the problem of the blog editor not remembering enough about the characters to participate.


Of course, I don't HAVE to participate. I could just set up the meme for you guys. But I'd need one of you to help me make the list.

I can do it now, if you want:
John Harmon
Bella Wilfer
Noddy Boffin
Mrs. Boffin
Silas Wegg
Mr. Venus
Betty Higden
R.W. Wilfer
Jenny Wren
Mr. Dolls (Jenny's father)
Riah the Jew
Eugene Wrayburn
Lizzie Hexam
Charley Hexam
Bradley Headstone
Mortimer Lightwood
Rogue Riderhood
Albert Lammle
Sophronia Lammle
Mr. Fledgeby
Mr. Podsnap
Georgina Podsnap

(This is probably my third favorite Dickens so I should know these characters, lol!)

Wow, that was fast! Okay, I'll put it up now! :-)

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