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October 10, 2009


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John Harmon: mysterious
Bella Wilfer: willful
Noddy Boffin: benevolent
Mrs. Boffin: motherly
Silas Wegg: weirdo
Mr. Venus: lovesick
Betty Higden: good
R.W. Wilfer: kindly
Jenny Wren: sarcastic
Mr. Dolls (Jenny's father):
Riah: intriguing
Eugene Wrayburn: careless
Lizzie Hexam: sad
Charley Hexam: selfish
Bradley Headstone: obsessed
Mortimer Lightwood: thoughtful (as in "thinking")
Rogue Riderhood: hateful
Albert Lammle: devious
Sophronia Lammle: vain
Mr. Fledgeby: prejudiced
Mr. Podsnap: lofty
Georgina Podsnap: stupid

What about Pleasant Riderhood? And Mr Twemlow! You can't forget Mr Twemlow!

John Harmon: Troubled
Bella Wilfer: Spoilt
Noddy Boffin: Dear
Mrs. Boffin: King-hearted
Silas Wegg: Ungrateful
Mr. Venus: Soured
Betty Higden: Indomitable
R.W. Wilfer: Cherub
Jenny Wren: Sharp
Mr. Dolls (Jenny's father): Wretched
Riah: Sweet
Eugene Wrayburn: Reclaimed
Lizzie Hexam: Self-sacrificing
Charley Hexam: Selfish
Bradley Headstone: Violent
Mortimer Lightwood: Storyteller
Rogue Riderhood: Villain
Albert Lammle: Unscrupulous
Sophronia Lammle: Mercenary
Mr. Fledgeby: Nasty
Mr. Podsnap: Pompous
Georgina Podsnap: Frightened

Mr Twemlow: Confused

John Harmon: Voyeur
Bella Wilfer: Blinkered
Noddy Boffin: Inevitable
Mrs. Boffin: Brick
Silas Wegg: Slimey
Mr. Venus: Shell
Betty Higden: Fated
R.W. Wilfer: Chump
Jenny Wren: Streetwise
Mr. Dolls (Jenny's father): Wretched
Riah: Puppet
Eugene Wrayburn: Assaulted
Lizzie Hexam: Diamond
Charley Hexam: Sociopath
Bradley Headstone: Psychopath
Mortimer Lightwood: Lemon
Rogue Riderhood: Carrion
Albert Lammle: Car
Sophronia Lammle: Fool
Mr. Fledgeby: Leech
Mr. Podsnap: Ass
Georgina Podsnap: Porcelain

Hey Gina, I was browsing around on the topic of OMF and found this interesting article I think you should read:

And also I was inspired for another group Dickensblog activity by this:

I think it would be kind of fun to have readers do something like this - design a coat of arms, write a drabble, or something. What do you think? :)

Very cool! I'm on vacation at the moment and don't have much time to spare, but when I get back, these are definitely ideas we can use. Thanks, Nibs!

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