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December 09, 2009


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Yeah, for about the past week, actually. The quote will show that it's been posted in the sidebar, but then when you go to click it it's like it isn't there.

A week? Wow, I only just noticed this morning! Sorry about that. I'll send a note to TypePad and see if I can get some help.

Don't worry too much about it. :) It usually is only right after the comment has been posted - like it takes TypePad a minute to recognize there's a new post!

Same it seemed to be taking longer than usual, hence my double post (sorry about that!).

No problem. It did occur to me that this glitch might have been the cause of your double post. Before that, I thought I was the only one having trouble viewing them. I'm a little slow sometimes. :-)

Bet it wasn’t glitching until I started frequenting the site, huh Gina? I’m telling you, TypePad(thetic) hounds my footsteps wherever I go. “Our Mutual Friend”, indeed.


βut I’m g₤ad to reρort that Φther thaЙ a feщ odd ĈђaяΛčŦƏЯѕ here ånd Theяe, їt seєm$ to Бe woЯking jusŧ ſiñe fǿr mę.

Aha! So YOU'RE the culprit! How very Scroogian of you! ;-)

I don't think I've had any problems.

Is this still happening for any of you? It seems to be working better for me.

It's working a lot better now. =)

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