The Gospel in Dickens
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December 31, 2009


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Dangit, this would be one of the two books I haven't yet read. I'll probably join in the group read - it's according to where I am in the Wishbone Project. :) It sounds like fun!

I haven't read this one yet, either. If we do go slowly, I think it would be fun to read it as a group!

I tried reading Barnaby Rudge this past year but gave it up because I kept getting confused about the uprising business. Reading it in a group might be a good way to help me get all the way through it!

I'm good with slow. In fact, my real-life book club is probably going to start reading Milton this year, so I'm going to need slow. :-) How slowly would you all like to go? Two chapters a week? One chapter a week? Something different? I'm open to suggestion.

Alternatively, I could post assignments (such as "read the first three chapters"), everyone could let us know when they were finished, and then we could start the discussion after that.

Splendid! I'm in the middle (or beginning) of reading it now.

I like your second suggestion better, Gina. If we read only one chapter a week, it would easily take us over a year to finish!

Sorry for the extra post, but I just thought of something - it would still take us about a year, but what if we read it by the original installments (however much that was)? I've been wanting to try that after I saw that someone did it with DC.

That would make it about ten months -- it originally ran February through November 1841. I can try to find out what the original installments were, if you guys would like to do it that way.

That would be neat.

Yes I will join in this read along-would be a reread for me-it might be fun to read it as if were were reading it as a serial

I read it about a year ago. It's a good read. So, if the discussion fires up, I may put in a word or two.

When exactly does the read-along begin?

We decided to start February 13, so as to follow the original publication schedule.

Dang!! I just read Barnaby. I really liked it. Read somewhere that Grip was the inspiration for Poe's Raven.

Love this blog, by the way!

Thank you! You're welcome to join in our discussions of the novel when we start it; just be careful not to spoil anybody. :-) The more the merrier.

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