The Gospel in Dickens
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December 30, 2009


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Okay, I'm done! (I posted first after all! :-) ) Please be kind, I'm very rusty at this . . .

I had my story up on my blog early this morning - here's the link to that post:

Marian's is up at her blog, also, and is excellent!

Yay Gina, I'm glad you finished it! Great job. I'm not familiar with Andrew Davies' version (didn't see the series) but I loved yours, and how you made Amy seem so human. Bravo!

^^It's not that good... ;)

Gina, I just read yours, and it's lovely! =) I wish they had done that scene like that in the miniseries. The ending was excellent, and I really like your portrayal of Amy!

Now I'm off to read Nibs's... :)

I can't wait to read everyone's. I won't be able to until later, though.
But here's mine. I wanted to put several characters from several different books together and have them solve a problem for a character from another book, so that's what I did.

I came back from a morning out and found all these stories! Goody! :-) It's going to be a busy afternoon, too, so I may not get to read them till evening, but I'm so excited!

Thanks for all the nice words, too -- you're too kind. :-)

Nibs, I just read your comment on my story. Thanks! I try to put as much psychological insight into my fanfics as into my real books. I do so love psychology.

Gina, I love your better version of the scene. Both more pleasant and very poignant at the same time.

Nibs, your imitation of Dickens's style is magnificent! I had neither the talent nor the courage to try that. Alas for Mr. Guppy's dreams of becoming "a better Guppy"! :-)

Marian, I was so moved by the conversation between Nicholas and his father, and his thoughts during the service. And even if Ralph never "officially" met the family before in the book, you came up with an inspired and original way of doing it.

Christy, what a great idea to bring all those characters together! (I'm so sorry John Jarndyce was dead, though. *sheds tear* ) I loved your version of Edith Dombey's last days. When I read about the white hair, I thought for a second it was going to be Miss Havisham! But Edith works much better in the scenario. I've always had a liking for her. I hope you try a multi-book fanfic again sometime.

What a gifted crowd we have here! We must do this again!

Thanks! :)

@Christy: I love how you were able to put different characters in the same story, and yet it still seemed really natural, like they actually knew each other! The ending was beautiful. :)

Thanks, Gina and Marion.
I haven't had a chance to read Nibs' yet, but I will soon.

I almost died of delight over Nibs' story. I love Mr. Guppy.

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