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December 21, 2009


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Mr. Lorry: faithful
Jerry Cruncher: rough
Lucie Manette: compassionate
Miss Pross: staunch
Defarge: stern
Madame Defarge: vengeful
Dr. Manette: haunted
Mrs. Cruncher: meek
Young Jerry: eager
Charles Darnay: idealistic
Stryver: bullying
John Barsad: slick
Sydney Carton: redeemed
The Marquis St. Evrémonde: cruel
Gaspard: desperate
Jacques Five (mender of roads/woodcutter): ghoulish
The Vengeance: shrill
The seamstress: gentle

I love these.

Mr. Lorry: Brown
Jerry Cruncher: Dishonest
Lucie Manette: Appealing
Miss Pross: Fierce
Defarge: Protective
Madame Defarge: Crazed
Dr. Manette: Traumatized
Mrs. Cruncher: Devout
Young Jerry: Brat
Charles Darnay: Generous
Stryver: Leech
John Barsad: Kicked
Sydney Carton: Wasted
The Marquis St. Evrémonde: Evil
Gaspard: Injured
Jacques Five (mender of roads/woodcutter): Witness
The Vengeance: Friend
The seamstress: Innocent

Having bounced from here to Nibs' blog to your LiveJournal account (but unable to leave a comment there since I don't have an LJ account), I am so glad to see you're a Wimsey fan! And Anne, and Sara.

Thanks for linking my blog, Gina!
Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with ATOTC to do this one. Like reading the answers, though!

Nibs -- any time! :-) I need to put it in the blogroll, too.

Christy, "kicked" is a good one for Barsad -- and I wish I'd thought of "brat" for young Jerry!! I love "brown" for Mr. Lorry, too! :-)

I'm a MAJOR Wimsey fan. Truth is, Dorothy L. Sayers -- and C. S. Lewis -- are actually my other two favorite authors along with Dickens. I'd likely be running a Sayersblog and a Lewisblog alongside this one if only I had time -- and if there weren't already such a thing in existence at . (Sayers wasn't actually an Inkling, but as that site says, she was a sort of "peripheral" one, so she shows up there sometimes.) But Sayers may make an appearance right here before long; I'm working on a little project about a connection between her and Dickens, though it's taking rather longer than expected. And I've loved Sara since I was seven and Anne since I was ten!

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