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December 06, 2009


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Hmm, interesting requirements. They'll fit nicely into my story, though.

I just remembered that I ought to also mention that your story should be no higher than PG, in case that wasn't a given. ;)

Good idea. Though most of Dickens' stuff was PG-13 or higher.

Do you think so? He dealt with some pretty heavy stuff, I know, but he handled it fairly delicately.

As for the requirements, I think I can make them fit -- if I fudge the definition of "resolution" just a little . . . ;-)

I think that the *concepts* presented in Dickens' stories are mature, but they are presented in a usually family-friendly way; that's why they were family reading at the time. :) Even most of his miniseries are only PG. We'll rate it PG just to be on the safe side, since were no Dickens!

Hmm, maybe I'm mostly talking about his themes. The death of Mr. Carker was pretty horrible, though, and what about the murder of Nancy? It's been long enough since I've read it that I can't remember any of the wording.
Anyway, I completely agree about the rating for us.

This sounds cool! I'll try to come up with something; if I don't, it will still be really fun to read what everyone else has done. :)

I hope you do come up with something, Marian! I love hearing about your Victorian novel and I'd like to read your writing! :)

Just checking in to see if anyone else has started their story. :) I'm about 3/4 done with the first draft!

I'm done with mine. It's a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be.

I haven't even started!!

Me neither...I'm still trying to decide on a plot. ;)

Me neither...I'm still trying to decide on a plot. ;)

I have the story figured out now; this morning I had the idea, but it seemed so obvious I don't know why it didn't occur to me earlier...

YAY!! Inspiration strikes!

(And I finally finished mine. There's one bit of dialogue that may need a bit of improving, but otherwise it's finished and coded. :) I had the advantage of coming up with my story before I posted the guidelines...)


"Coded" just means I put it into HTML format so I can post it on my website - I don't have a account. ;)


I completely have Dickens on the brain. I just thought up a way to combine Dickens with "The Nutcracker" and science fiction.

Sounds wonderful!

Hey Christy, how were you planning for us to write the group fanfiction you had mentioned in the other post? (Not that we'll do it right NOW, since we're all busy with the challenge, but later. ;) ) Would one person write one chapter, then another the next chapter, until it's finished? I ask because I kind of had an idea for the story.

I hadn't really thought too much on it, though my vague idea was to have each person choose one character and write all of his/her actions/dialogue within the confines of a story we all agree on. It would work kind of like a conversation.


Nibs: "Ebenezer threw his ink pot at Bob and shouted, 'A plague on both your houses!'"
Christy: "Frank Cheeryble caught the ink pot before it hit Bob, shaking his head at the old man. 'This is Dickens, not Shakespeare!'"
Gina: "'Oh, but surely--anything is fair game, isn't it, Frank--Mr. Cheeryble--Cheeryble and Nickleby--dear me, I'm so confused--?' Flora simpered.

It was something that was being done on a forum I'm on, though it might work better in the context of a forum than in comments on a blog. Plus it might lead to being absolutely ridiculous rather than more-or-less serious. I'd also be open to doing it chapter-by-chapter.
Any other ideas?

That sounds cool!

Oh, okay - neat! I think a chapter-by-chapter story would be best; maybe we could all agree on a basic plot first, like you said, and then a pattern of the order we each write it. :)

The idea I had would be kind of a humorous one - what if Dickens met and interacted with his characters? Like the good ones had to save him from the bad ones who want revenge on him for giving them bad reputations/crummy endings?

I'd like to do a nice mash of characters. I love doing that, bringing characters from various books together.

We could each be multiple characters!

I'm wondering, are we moving into role-playing game territory here? If that's what you guys want to do, that's fine. I'll be glad to create a thread for it and let you have at it. But I won't be able to participate in it, for two reasons: (1) I'm really bad at RPGs, and (2) I don't have time. In my experience (granted, it's somewhat limited), they consume massive amounts of time.

So I just wanted to give you a heads up about that. But don't let me stop you! If you want to have one here, again, that's fine by me. :-)

I say that we do this for the group FF - say I write the first chapter, and leave a cliffhanger. Then Christy comes in to finish the cliffhanger, write a chapter, and leave a cliffhanger until someone ends the story?

Because I'm really bad at RPG too!

I don't know the slightest thing about role playing, so I guess I didn't know what I was proposing was role playing. Anyway, chapter-by-chapter sounds good to me. What was your story idea, Nibs?

You see it on fansites for movies and shows -- at least, that's where I've seen it. Each person takes on a character from the movie or show and then they write scenes where each person writes for his or her own character. It can go on for pages and pages and pages. Is that what you've seen at your forum, Christy?

I had semi-mentioned my idea in an earlier comment but here's the developed version:

Charles Dickens' public readings are so excellent that he "brings his characters to life" - literally. The readings from the books have landed various Dickens characters about London, and unfortunately, the villains want to take revenge on Dickens by murdering him, so they don't have to go back into the book where he gives them their just desserts. The good characters, though, like David Copperfield and Esther Summerson, are trying to help Dickens - but only Sydney Carton has the key. ;)

I basically have the first chapter written out in my head so I could start, and then everyone else could take it from there. :)

Gina: Yes, it is. I never connected it to role playing. I just thought of it as fun writing. :D

Nibs: Well, why not go ahead? But what's the format we're going to do this in? Where will we post the chapters, and will they all be posted together?

Oh, it can be fun, and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. It just takes so much more time than I've got, that's all. :-)

Okay, I'll try to start the chapter next week (winter break starts then), but I probably won't unleash it till after the FF challenge is over, so as not to detract attention from either. :)

Maybe everybody could e-mail me their chapter and I could post it on my main site, here?

That's where I plan to post my challenge fanfic. We could each have a week to write our chapter, and I could add the new chapter to the story like every Monday until it's finished?

I say that we do this for the group FF - say I write the first chapter, and leave a cliffhanger. Then Christy comes in to finish the cliffhanger, write a chapter, and leave a cliffhanger until someone ends the story?

We had kind of abandoned this, unfortunately, but I still think it would be a fun idea. And we haven't had a FF challenge for about two months now...

Would you guys like me to put this in a post as our next fanfiction challenge?

Sounds fun! I like the idea of ending each part with a cliffhanger.

I already pretty much had the first chapter done (still needs some revisions, though), so yeah - sounds fun!

I'll get something up later today, then.

Medieval clothing -- do you have another nickname we can use for you? "Medieval clothing" is a bit awkward as a handle. :-) We could call you MC if you like, or you could provide something else. Just let us know. Thanks!

Bring it on. I had completely forgotten about this. Now I'm working on my Dickens/Nutcracker/science fiction book, which is rapidly incorporating bits of "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "The Secret Garden."

Wow, Christy, it sounds amazing! :-)

Forgot to mention it also has bits of Ivanhoe in it...

HAHA! I just realized that Medieval Clothing didn't actually want to start the fic, she spammed the comments - her April 14th comment (which revived our whole groupfic idea) was copied from MY December 15th comment! Oh well, I guess it was the push we needed to go ahead and start it. Funny...

Yes, isn't it weird? That hit me a little while back (which is why I did that post about spamming). Maybe our spammer was a gift from God! :-)

I have a Dickens pastiche I am writing. Does anybody know how I can get people to take an interest in it. This is difficult, becuase i posted it on, and almost nobody takes an interest, while the other Dickens pastiches are well-read on that site. I know there are some DIckens pastiches that are published novels. I want to find out just what I am doing wrong.Please, somebody, answer.

Ah, Sean, if only I knew how to get people to take more interest in a given work, I'd be famous. :-) That's what nearly all writers are trying to figure out. But in any event, you're welcome to post a link to your work here, and give people a chance to check it out and comment on it if they're so inclined.

Thank you for responding. It's been diffcult even getting people to respond, and I'm talking about people have gotten pastiches published (lucky them). here are the links.

The first chapter is here:

Since it didn't get posted the first time. There are still one typos in this thing, especially the last part but they'll be corrected. It rather long, and still not finished. You or someone miight skim over it,or just part of it, if you don't wish to read it in detail. I know almost nothing about the actual layout of London at that time,so writing it has been difficult. PLease let me know.

Sean, I've just been looking at your story. It's a fun and interesting concept, but I wonder if perhaps isn't the best place for it, since you mention real people like Dickens and Poe along with the fictional characters. Just a thought.

Your writing style is good, but I would suggest paring the story down. For instance, it felt like hardly anything actually happened during Oliver's section of Chapter 1 (if I'm remembering the chapter numbers correctly). And it seemed like there was a lot of repetition of ideas. If you want to hold readers' attention, you have to create a sense of movement and make them eager to know what's coming next.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the comments. Yes, it does help.
I just plan on having it on temporarily. No, not a lot happened in the first couple of chapters. It's so true that you need to keep your readers in suspence, though I'm not sure what you mean by repetition of ideas. What ideas did I repeat?

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