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February 11, 2010


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I actually saw this a while back. At first, I thought it was like a modern re-telling miniseries of the story, but then I saw it was "just" a cast recording. :) Wonder if it's as good as my DC tapes...?

Here's the link to the album I saw - Eugene is being played by "Richard" from Bleak House 05.

Ah, thank you, Nibs! That blew right by me. There may be other actors from other Dickens adaptations that I missed, too.

There's also Jason Watkins, who played Plornish in "Little Dorrit"!

I've been kind of surprised that there hasn't been more public comment on how several of the Dickens novels prefigure the current economic collapse here in the U.S.

There was a lot of talk about that while "Little Dorrit" was on the air last year. I saw tons of articles making the Madoff-Merdle connection, and also just talking about the economic similarities in general.

^ ^
There was also a bit of discussion when they reran DC 99, because of Micawber's financial difficulties.

Daisy Haggard hasn't been in Dickens as far as I know, but she was Anne Steele in the recent Sense and Sensibility. I'm hoping that they'll release it soon, possibly with some music samples (I emailed the composer after listening to it, and he said they would be putting it up for download sometime soon, and possibly including music).

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