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March 24, 2010


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This is my favorite version of GE. I loved Hopkins as Magwitch and John Rhys-Davies as Joe Gargery.

Hmm, very interesting. I wonder what Disney was doing making a GE adaptation, though, and a faithful one? What, did they show it on the Disney Channel? It just doesn't seem like their thing....

Good question, Nina. I did a little research, and yes, it did air on the Disney Channel.

And while I was searching, I also found this: a ten-minute YouTube clip from the film! It lets you see Simmons and Rhys-Davies and several of the other main actors.

(Oh, and if you like, you can compare Estellas: )

Wow! This version sounds good - especially the parts with Miss Havisham! I wish I could get ahold of it :).

I actually never think of Hannibal Lecter when I think of Anthony Hopkins, since I don't think I've even seen previews for those movies (thank goodness). I think of him as Zorro and C.S. Lewis and the chap in Howard's End. He's a lovely actor.
This sounds like a neat version.

He is indeed. I loved him in "Shadowlands" and "The Lion in Winter" and so on. But "out of the mist comes RICHARD THE LIONHEART!" didn't sound scary enough. :-)


I saw this as a mini-series on TV, and have never forgotten it. Jean Simmons and John Rhys-Davies are the two actors who've stuck in my mind and make me want to own DVDs of this version. And I remember thinking at the time, "Disney's put good money into this and made it look splendid--e.g. a fine team of horses pulling a carriage--but they've kept their fingers out of the pie. This is still the story that Dickens wrote."

I had the Laser Disc set, but sadly lost it when I moved. I hate thinking about that loss. Wonderful adaptation. Why they haven't put it on DVD is beyond me.

I wish they would release it again too. If only there were someone to petition

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