The Gospel in Dickens
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April 30, 2010


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LOLZ! Oh no, you can't have brought Mr. Guppy in! Even I abstained from that!

Your writing was terrific, you really captured Dickens' exasperation. Richard and Jenny were also especially good. But whoever writes the next part needs to send him to Mr. Pickwick!

Ooh, I just though of something - I wonder how Mr. Guppy would act around Sam Weller...they're very similar. Or if Mr. Pickwick confused him for Sam and started bossing him!

The line about blinking idiots literally made me laugh out loud.

BTW, I have a few ideas for another bit to the story if anyone else is stumped, so if we need another writer by the end of the weekend just let me know. :)

I brought in Guppy just for you, Nina. You need to write another chapter now.

Haha, okay - hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's toes but I do have a plan so I'll start another chapter this weekend. Long live Guppy!

Sounds good to me!

"Who goes linking the name of my angel to a smashup?”

I love that line; good job, Christy!

I volunteer to write chapter 5. =)

That'll be great, Marian! So Nina has chapter 4 and you have chapter 5.

Well I've written the rough draft and it's looking to be about as long as my first you guys mind? Lydia and Christy managed to keep theirs less tedious, but mine does have a lot of action...would you want to read the longish version or would you prefer I pare it down a bit?

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