The Gospel in Dickens
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April 15, 2010


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Yep, it's ready to go! Where do you think I should post it, though? On my website (like usual), or on my blog, or someplace else?

Go ahead and put it here. We need a place where everyone who's writing a chapter can easily post. When we're done, maybe we'll compile it all into one big story and archive it somewhere.

I was hesitant to post it in the comments because it's WAY too long for the comment section. Maybe you can copy it here as its own post tomorrow or something. :)

Anyway, I tried to set up the story in this first chapter so it would be easy for everyone to follow along. My idea is that it's kind of like a Scrooge experience, where Dickens' selfish side is softened when he meets his characters. I wrote mine a bit sarcastically but feel free to make it more dramatic or tender or whatever you like - I guess you could even write it first-person from one of the characters' POV. :) I look forward to reading the next installment!

I can make it into its own post, but everyone after that will need to post their installment in the comments. We need to have some place where people can post easily and we can more or less maintain a flow.

Is there a length cut-off to the comments? How much text will the comment thingie contain?

No, I don't think there's a length cut-off. We may end up with a few pages of comments, but that's okay.

Maybe it would be best to post the next parts in the comments of the first part - then everyone could just scroll down. :)

I'm also thinking maybe we should take a roll call of everyone thinking of participating, because we kind of need to know how many parts there will be so that the writers of the end chapters can be wrapping things up. :)

I agree about posting in the comment section.

As for writers, we've got you, Christy, Marian, Medieval Clothing, and me. Anyone else out there who wants to join in? Speak up and let us know! :-)

My sister Lydia's going to do it also, and I'm going to see if Holly wants to participate (I sent her an e-mail). :) So if Holly joins, that would be 7, right?

Oh good, I was just going to ask if your sister was in! Yes, with both of them, that would be seven.

Hey, I had an idea - what if we try to post a part a week (say, each Friday), almost in serial form like Dickens did? That way everyone would have a fixed time schedule to work toward. What do you think? :)

If the writers can handle it, I think that would be great. But we'll need all the writers to let us know if they can handle it! I'd hate to be nagging at some poor writer to finish and then find out they were in the middle of exam week, or something. :-)

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