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May 10, 2010


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I never realized before how much John looks like a creepy stalker. :D

Omw, hello. I am absurdly touched to see my video here :) Thanks for the kind comments and snap Sydney Carton is my favourite Dickens character of all time. Keep tuned and I should be making some more Dickens vids soon, any requests, characters and songs you want to see?

Hey, hitchchik, thanks so much for stopping by! Great work on this video. (I hope you don't mind my comment about the Beatles; I've just never been a fan of theirs.)

Would you ever consider making a "Little Dorrit" video? I've long wanted to see an Arthur and Amy video using the song "Here" by Rascal Flatts. But feel free to decline if you don't like the group -- I know they have their share of non-fans, too. :-)

Could you put Agnes Wickfield/David Copperfield to "The Scientist" by Coldplay? I'd love to see the Hallmark version put to that song (the clips for that are on YouTube, also)!

Hitchchick is the best youtube video director! And 30 Seconds To Mars are perfect : )

Also, don't know if you're still checking this post, Hitchchik, but I think a David Copperfield (the book) video put to Coldplay's Glass of Water would be really great! And it seems like some couple could be put to Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne (even the Glee version as it's more of a duet). :D

I have certainly taken on board all the requests and hopefully I will be able to get round to doing them. I have to track down copies of DC and LD first :) Mainly I'll be doing sydney vids till then because he is AWESOME :)

Sydney is pretty awesome! ;) Hey, there's a Hallmark version of DC uploaded to YouTube already (just search Dickens David Copperfield) - would that help you to make any videos, or do you have to get the clips from a DVD yourself?

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