The Gospel in Dickens
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May 07, 2010


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I LOVE Mr Guppy! :D And Uriah's so creepy. I'll start writing part 5 right away...

Try to keep Sydney from passing out completely, would you? I'd like to be able to do something with him when it's my turn, and I don't want to have to wake him up first. ;-)

This has been most delightful. Carton with the baddies! Jenny savagely buttering toast!

I had an idea. I have a FanFiction. net account, and I was thinking I could publish this story on there, chapter by chapter as it appears, with all the proper acknowledgments, of course. It might draw in a few more Dickensians. Any objections?

Please do! I was thinking it would be nice to put it over there. Thank you for volunteering!

(As long as none of the other authors mind, that is! Nina, Lydia, Marian, are you okay with this?)

I wouldn't mind posting it on, (though I usually try to keep my stories off there), but I think maybe we should start a group account to put it in. That way, it will easily distinguish it from your other stories, Christy, and if we ever want to write another group fic we won't clutter up your account. :)

Also, does allow co-written stories? They're pretty picky over there.

I would rather not post it on FanFiction.Net. If everyone else wants to, though, you could just link to my part, which will be posted on Dickensblog and my writing blog. :)

The link wouldn't show up. They don't allow links to other sites.

They do do co-written stories, I'm pretty sure. But if Marian would rather not, it wouldn't work to put the rest of ours on there.

That's fine, I was a bit hesitant, anyway. :) Hey Marian, do you mind my publishing it together on my personal site so people can read it in one spot?

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