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May 21, 2010


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Wow Gina, you did a terrific job! Your best fanfic yet, I think! I love the way you are tying together several loose ends so skilfully - and also, for having Jenny acknowledge Mr. Dickens' long reading, lol.

I think, though, that everyone has had a turn in writing the fic now. In my opinion, it's almost over - maybe 2 chapters left. I could write the last chapter, if someone took the next chapter. How does that sound? Or if someone else has an idea for the ending, by all means, they can write it (I have, after all, had two turns already)!

Thanks very much, sweetie!

You really think we can wrap it up in two chapters? Wow, I was thinking it would take WAY more than that, with all we've got going on now. But if you have an idea of how to do it, perhaps it can be done! :-) I would kind of like a chance to write one more time, but I hadn't planned on doing the next installment. Maybe a short epilogue or something . . .

Well, maybe it would take three chapters. ^_^

See, we need Dickens to save Mr. Guppy and the heroes to contact Wrayburn and Co., Bradley to stalk Dickens (maybe a face-off between Wrayburn and Bradley, like payback?), and a big showdown between the villains and the heroes. I think that if the chapters were a bit longish we could fit all that into three! So maybe Christy (just a thought) could write the next chapter, then you could write one after that, then I (or someone else) could write the last one?

Oooh, a Wrayburn/Bradley showdown! I've got chills. :-) AMAZING idea. We've got to check in on the Dodger, too, and if possible, I'd rather like to have Dickens have a one-on-one with a few of the characters as we're finishing up. And are we going to figure out a way to have them get back into their books?

It looks like you've posted another comment, Gina, but for some reason it isn't showing up?! Would you mind posting it again? (And you can delete this one if you like.)

Yes, it was giving me all kinds of trouble. Can you see it now?

I kind of had an idea on how to get them back into their books, actually, though I don't know if I should share the idea due to spoilers...

Dang I'm a chatterbox, but I just had another idea - what if Madame Defarge leads a revolution that splits the villains into two factions? Like she could either team up with Uriah or Pecksniff and rebel against the other (sort of what I alluded to in Part 4), or she could break off her own group with herself as leader.

That's okay, you don't have to. I'm just glad you have one, because I don't. :-)

Well, I think we may be able to wind all this up in three chapters, but let's hear what some of our other authors have to say. . . .

Whoops, I think we simulposted! My last comment was in response to your 3:41 comment.

Hmm. Not sure how I feel about a Bradley-Wrayburn showdown. Half the impact of that book was what happened to them both when they weren't facing each other. It would be kind of like rescuing Sydney Carton from the guillotine.

I'm up for another chapter. I say we just write until it looks like an end. I know from personal experience that it can seem like you're really close to the end and then you don't get there for ages. And it doesn't even seem like we're close to the end at the moment (prior to reading this chapter, which I haven't yet).

Ooh! How about a Mortimer Lightwood/Bradley Headstone confrontation? I'm not sure that Mortimer was quite as reconciled to Eugene being half-killed as Eugene himself was, and Eugene made him promise never to do anything about Bradley, but what if rescuing Dickens from Bradley was a way to get around that?
I wanted to bring in Mortimer with Jenny Wren in the first place, but I was beat to it. :P

That could work, especially if Eugene is already incapacitated when Dickens & Co. get to him. I couldn't make up my mind about that, which is why I left it open. But that would be an excellent motive for Mortimer.

I think I'd like to write that chapter. I love Mortimer.

Do you want that to be the next chapter, and you go ahead and write it?

I vote that Nina does the next chapter, since she does Mr. Guppy better than anyone. But she has to promise to leave Mortimer to me.

I'll be glad to do the next chapter, especially since we think we'll be carrying it on for a while. But the only thing is that I'm actually hesitant about the Mortimer/Bradley showdown, myself. We'd have to bring another character in (and we're kind of saturated as it is!), and I honestly don't think Mortimer would be angry enough at Bradley to have a good, impacting "showdown" with him - he was kind of a forgiving guy (remember, he just stood and watched him during the whole tense moment between Eugene and Bradley at their flat). Maybe we could just abandon the idea of any Bradley showdown.

This is getting tricky. We may have to start co-writing chapters. :-)

I can barely do Mr. Guppy at all -- it's been too long since I last did a good thorough reread of "Bleak House," alas.

Simulpost again! We could do some sort of scene with Bradley and Mortimer AND Eugene, I suppose. Even if Eugene isn't in great shape, he could still come along for the ride, and participate in some way.

Maybe I can take care of Guppy in the next chapter so you won't have to do too much with him, Gina. ;)

Should we do this, then? Nina next, then Christy, then . . . well, let's see where we are then. Might be better not to think TOO far ahead.

Aren't you glad I brought in Aunt Betsey, by the way? ;-) I had to pretty much shoehorn her in, but I just HAD to have her.

Oh, and Marian and Lydia, if you're reading this and are burning to help some more, please weigh in! You're part of this too!

I want my Bradley-Mortimer showdown! *insert temper tantrum*

Ahem. Excuse me.

I think that we should continue writing as we have been, not having the slightest idea what other people are going to insert and just carrying on from where they leave off, as long as we do actually come to a (very generally agreed-upon) end in a few chapters, or else we could just go on piffling for a million years (I know I could). That is, rather than telling each other what we should or shouldn't write. ?

I was glad to see Aunt Betsey. You know, I think Jenny Wren is shaping up to be an Aunt Betsey when she gets old. I don't think the two would get along well, though.

They might come to blows. :-) But it would be pretty funny. You've got a point about just carrying on without clearing things first -- it's worked so far. And I have faith in everyone here to come up with ideas that work!

I'm leaving for an hour or two on some errands, but if Nina wants to take the next chapter, I'd be glad to do the one after that. (I can't wait to read your Mr. Guppy again, Nibs!)

I'd love a Bradley-Mortimer showdown! And someone should put Arthur Clennam in the story. =) I've been really busy and haven't been able to read this part yet, but I'll read it as soon as I can. Unfortunately, I can't promise to write another chapter, but maybe near the very end I could write another part!

'“That must have been a very long reading of yours,” she observed tartly, as Dickens moved to lift her into the carriage, “to bring all these dozens of people here. One might guess that you were rather too fond of the sound of your own voice, young man.”'


I really like the way you write Sydney Carton; it sounds just like him!

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