The Gospel in Dickens
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May 28, 2010


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Yikes, it's long, lol! I wanted to add that though I don't want to interfere with the spontenaiety (sp?) of the story (which indeed has made it so fun!), I did want to suggest that we try not to bring in many more characters, since we've all had a chance to add our favorites, and that we work towards finishing all the plots we already have instead of starting new ones. It was kind of hard working on this segment because there were so *many* characters and plots and if we aren't careful it could get too confusing by the final chapters. ^_^

This is the first group fan fiction I've read, and I'm enjoying it so much! I especially liked the last exchange between Carton and Dickens and am looking forward to watching these villains become their own undoing!

Yes, I'm next. This is a busy week, but I'll do my best to complete it in time.

I think we can at least let Christy have Mortimer, though. Technically, he's already in it, as one of Eugene's group. :-)

Nice work, Nina!

Yikes. I almost don't know where to pick up.
The Jenny and Betsey Trotwood bits are so great!

Hey Christy, maybe you could start out by following Esther and co., because they'll be checking on Dodger and probably meet Wrayburn's group, then maybe you could follow Mortimer from there to his conflict with Bradley?

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