The Gospel in Dickens
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June 05, 2010


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Here's how I think we left things: Nina has an idea for a concluding chapter, I have an idea for a short epilogue, and Marian would like to write one more time. Shall we make it Marian, then Nina, then me -- and perhaps place a moratorium on introducing more characters, to make it easier on everyone? (Marian, I know you wanted Arthur, and I would dearly love to have him too, but we're full to bursting now!) Both of you please let me know what you think as soon as you can.

Oh, and Christy, would you mind letting me know if there are any italics missing above? I have a bit of difficulty transferring things from Word to TypePad on this machine, and italics are particularly troublesome. Thanks, and great job with this chapter!

Italics are all good.
I'm fine with what you have proposed. I made a list of characters and their actions when I was writing this chapter, so if anyone would like it for reference, it's available.

I had kind of scrapped my idea for the final chapter I had mentioned earlier, but I'm sure I can come up with something if you want me to write it! ;)

And great chapter, Christy! The "Who is Dickens" conversation was very hilarious, and Ada is so melodramatic, lol. ;) Also good way of disposing of the Dodger!

Heh. We're getting so hard-hearted. :-) I love the part with the cabbies too!

I wasn't able to read the story while on vacation, but I'll be sure to catch up on it later today! :) I'm not sure yet if I want to write another part, though.

That's okay, Marian -- just let us know when you've made up your mind either way. Hope you had a very nice vacation!

Thanks; it was a great vacation!

Well, I don't think I'll write another part, so someone else can go ahead and do the next chapter. :)

Then, Nina, are you ready to wrap things up?

Um, would anyone else be willing to take this next part? :S I still have my blog event going on all this week and I really don't have any ideas to take it from where we are now! Would you like the next chapter instead, Gina? Or if worse comes to worst, we could postpone it until next week and I could write the chapter then...?

Let's do that -- postpone it until next week. Unless I hear from anyone else who wants to write a chapter, we'll have you do the concluding chapter then (and pray for inspiration to strike! :-) ), and I'll do the epilogue after.

Your blog event is looking good, by the way!

Hey Christy, could you email me your list? I've got a few plans for the concluding chapter and this might help things along. :)

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