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June 25, 2010


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Oh my gosh, you guys! Tell me what you thought of the ending, I about killed myself on this one - did it end the way you wanted?

I know, they went all quiet on us again!!

Well, *I* liked it. :-) I loved "So it went on, and on, and on, in a beautiful display of modesty." I felt so bad for Estella, but you wrote the scene exceedingly well. And that's the best you've ever written Carton.

I had no idea how it could end, or how I would want it to end, but it makes sense that the bad guys would make their own schemes fail. Madame Defarge was really well-written, and Mr Guppy's rivalry with Woodcourt was so funny! :) Estella and Headstone's stories were both sad.

I think we all did a good job writing all those different characters, and then making them work together, as heroes or villains. It was actually somewhat harder than I thought it would be! ;)

For my part, I found it easier than I thought it would be. Guess we had different expectations. :-)

I only just got a chance to read it now. Well done indeed. Pecksniff and Uriah were hilarious, Headstone very...Headstoney, Estella quite poignant and sad, Mr Guppy so terribly silly, and yet he got to be a hero after all...
And the little epilogue was the perfect last touch.

Oh good, I'm glad you guys liked it!

Gina: Thanks, I tried to do Carton justice for you! It seemed to me that our two Cartonesque parts blended very well, too!

Marian: YAY! I had SO many doubts about Madame (I only vaguely remember her from ATOTC) so it's great to hear she sounded right. I also actually thought it was easy to do most of the characters (except, like I said, Madame) - the harder part for me was figuring out what they should do in the story. I think I had the hardest time writing Dickens himself.

Christy: Good, Headstone is Headstoney, that's what I was aiming for. :P I also tried to do homage to a few Dickensian scenes - like the railway scene from Dombey and Son, the duel from Nicholas Nickleby, and of course the bashing of Eugene from OMF. ;)

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