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June 11, 2010


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I only wish I could vote for all of them.

You know, as much as I love the Little Dorrit miniseries, the book is much more romantic. I love the quiet, poignant ending, and it seems to me more realistic than the miniseries's Cranford-style finale.

I guess you can tell who I voted for. :D

I wanted to vote for at least half of them! So I voted for the Boffins and Lizzie and Eugene. Can it be true that "Our Mutual Friend" has overtaken "Bleak House" as my favorite Dickens book?

Do you all realize -- it occurred to me while I was putting the poll together -- that nearly half the men here are nursed through potentially fatal illnesses or injuries by their respective love interests? (That would be Dick, Arthur, and Eugene.) It's interesting how often Dickens has the ladies rescue the knights, so to speak. :-)

Well at least David and Agnes are pulling second right now, lol.

Hey Gina, I love the pictures and quotes you posted (a really nice touch!!) but ew, I just realized Mr. Boffin is played by the same man who played Tulkinghorn in the 1985 Bleak House...

This is, as in all things Dickens, an embarrassment of riches!

He also plays one of the Mr Barnacles in Little Dorrit! :)

Of the ones listed, Arthur and Amy! But I wish I could vote for a few more. Sidney and Lucie would be my second choice.

You know you can vote for two, right?

When I was in high school and college I read Dickens all the time. I don't know why I got out of the habit. Great poll!

Thanks, Vic, and welcome to the site! :-)

Arthur and Amy - but just a hair less heart-melty, Bella and John.

But Sydney and Lucie are kind of a non-entity as a couple. That's kind of the point.
Sydney and the Seamstress are kind of a non-entity as a couple, too. But I'd say they're a better couple than him and Lucie.

True, but in the original nominations post, I defined couple as a pair in which at least one person is in love with the other, just to allow us to widen the field.

I realize that this post is ten years old, and probably no one will read my comment anymore - but how come that nobody voted for Dick Sviveller and the Marchioness??? They are my favorite Dickens couple by a long shot😉
However, I have some trouble to come up with a second choice: David Copperfield and Agnes Wickfield? Nah, too sentimental, and I never liked Agnes. Maybe, it's Bella Wilfer and Rokesmith aka John Harmon, since it's a bit like "The Taming Of The Shrew". I also like Eugene Wrayburn and Lizzy Hexam.
Anyway, thanks for the nice Post - even after all these years✌️

I'm fond of them too, Sabine. :-)

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