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June 28, 2010


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Ooh, good question. Bet you can guess my answer, lol, though Dolly Varden or Madame Defarge would be fun, too. (I think I'm too short and young to be Madame, though!) The great thing about Dickens is that there are so many different characters of different ages that there's something for everyone!

And you wanna know the scary thing? I know about three people who could go as Uriah Heep (and one of them is my third cousin!)

I think I might like to be Jenny Wren, though I'd need a wig along with everything else. My hair is anything but long and golden. :-) Aunt Betsey would be fun too.

Madame Defarge had to be short and young at some point... You could be the Mademoiselle back when the Evremondes ruined her family. Ooh, creepy.

I think I'd be Esther. Or Eugene Wrayburn. Or Newman Noggs. Or maybe the Infant Phenomenon. I'm short enough, and young-enough looking (well, maybe not *that* young-enough looking), and I can fake ballet posture with the best of them.

I'd pick Barnaby Rudge - not so much for the chance to dress up as Barnaby as for the opportunity to carry around a raven who's wiser than all the other guests.

If I were a guy, I'd go as Guppy. ;) But since I'm not, maybe I'd be Lucie Manette; I LOVE her hairstyles...

Either Estella or Ebenezer Scrooge or Ghost of Christmas Present.

Ooh, Ghost of Christmas Past would be fun too - you don't necessarily have to look like a boy, and you could be short, etc. It'd be fun to look like the Disney version but I don't quite know how I'd pull that off.

This looks like it would be a fun party, lol!

We should have our own costume party! :-)

It would be cool to go as Estella or Bella, too. Or Lucie, as Marian says. You could dress up big time and do all those fancy things with your hair (or hair extensions)!

By the way, if I were a woman I would go as Mr. F's aunt. That would give me an excuse to propound random non-sequiturs to the discomfiture of the other guests. It wouldn't be as much fun, though, unless someone else agreed to appear as Arthur Clennam.

Mr. F's aunt would be AWESOME! And whoever played Arthur could hold her toast crust for her. :-)

Hahahaha! Please go as Mr F's aunt! I beg you.

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