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July 23, 2010


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More on the "I Write Like" program: I plugged in my recent "Little Dorrit" drabble and got Mark Twain. Then I plugged in my old Sydney Carton story -- and got Charles Dickens! At last, success!!

Ooh, Dickens and Dr Who... Sounds lovely.

Thought of another creepy pair:

Nicholas Nickleby and Fanny Squeers


I'm afraid that the "I write like" program is keying on names as much as writing style. I tried plugging into it my comment on the creepy couples poll. When I used the actual character names "Uriah", "Agnes", "David", and "Betsy" the program said I write like Charles Dickens. When I changed the names to "John", "Mary", "Peter", and "Sally" it said I write like James Joyce. Go figure.

Oddly enough, though, changing "Uriah" and "Agnes" to "Heathcliff" and "Catherine" yields P.G. Wodehouse rather than Emily Bronte.

"It was the best of strudel, it was the worst of strudel." equates to J.D Salinger. This program is absolutely hilarious.

I noticed it does pay as much attention to word choice as to style. Does J.D. Salinger talk about strudel much?

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