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July 18, 2010


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I went for Uriah and Agnes. I find the Sikes and Nancy story to be too tragically common to be the creepiest, though it is appalling, and between Bradley and Uriah, Uriah gets creepiest of all Dickens characters hands-down. (Well, Uriah and Mr. Carker. And Mr. Pecksniff...)

So did I. I think that Bradley is just super dysfunctional (though even that is an understatement), whereas Uriah Heep is just a downright creep in every aspect.

Heheh, I think I see where this poll is going! Now I want to see what Gina has up her sleeves for the poor pair. :)

Has anyone of you ever read 'Something rotten' by Jasper Fforde? It describes how the character Uriah Heep became so creepy.

I did read that some time ago, but you know what? I don't remember the Uriah part! I feel quite embarrassed. But you know how Fforde's books are -- you get so busy keeping track of Mrs. Danvers clones and Shakespeare clones and eradicated husbands and werewolves and dodos and what not, some things slip through the cracks. :-) I'll have to go rummage through it again. Thanks for the reminder!

Oh, I have too, but I also don't remember Uriah. Hmm.

Let's just say it had something to do with the myspeling virus

It all depends upon how you define creepiness in a character: Bradley Headstone isn't playing with a full deck of cards and has a whole set of loose screws, so in that sense he's not as creepy as he is deranged. (Run, Lizzie, run!)

Bill Sykes is evil. His psychopathic personality trumps any creepiness that slips in. And Nancy is a tragic figure and a true heroine.

That leaves Uriah Heep, who in my opinion has a full plate of creepiness with enough left over for second and third helpings. He and Agnes have the highest creepy couple index.


Haha Tim, I couldn't agree more!

Gina, if U/A wins, I added some new promotionals to my DC site at Picasa, if you want to use one:


Thanks, I'll take you up on that!

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