The Gospel in Dickens
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July 21, 2010


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Here I was excited to see an interesting adaptation of one of his minor works!

It sounds like they might be going all "Brought to Life" on us with this one.

Too bad they don't know that we did it first -- and best! ;-)

This is what it's like in the Poe world: sheer fantasy masquerading as "true story." So frustrating!

From what I can gather it's based on several tumultuous strands of Dickens life and is set around the time when he was writing The Chimes. Word in London is that the Producers are circling R-Patz as vibrant, sexy Dickens for the movie. This from theatre producer friends.

Oh, LORD. Please tell me he doesn't sparkle.

(And thanks for the info!)

On a less flippant note -- so I'm guessing it's a sort of "Shakespeare in Love"-type story?

So we wait, and wait, and wait for a Dickens biopic...
I don't even *like* Robert Pattinson. Dear lord, save us.

But thanks for the info, Michael! (But is this a joke? Since the main girl's name is Isabella, like a certain *other* R-Patz costar?)

I hope they change the plot. People can't stand historical inaccuracy--even the Young Victoria movie was criticized for inaccuracy, and that's one of the better biopics around.


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