The Gospel in Dickens
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July 26, 2010


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Mwahaha! How funny! I had no idea my gallery would come so much in handy. ;)

My favorite is #3, though it wouldn't be the same without #4, haha!

Here's an old one of mine, BTW, keeping in spirit of the game:

Oh yes, I remember that one! Love it! :-)


Wonderfully done. Very funny illustrations. It's a mark of Dickens's genius that Uriah/Agnes beat out two murderers for creepiest couple - and it wasn't close. I think it's partly a byproduct of us seeing Agnes only through David's adoring eyes. But there's more to it. The thought of anyone I care about marrying Uriah really does creep me out. Probably Aunt Betsy summed it up best, "If you're an eel, sir, conduct yourself like one. If you're a man, control your limbs, sir!"

Hey Gina, is it okay if I post these on Remember's LOLZ page? There hasn't been an addition to that page in months!!

Please go right ahead!

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