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September 26, 2010


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Actually, my photos is a bit deceptive - it's a keychain I just laid across my book. :P

Oops! I did know that -- I was just being scatterbrained. :-) I'll fix it.

I haven't purchased anything, but I would love anything A Christmas Carol-related. I've also always really wanted a Dickens bust but they're all so expensive. :(

What is a cigarette card?

A sort of trading card that was popular in the first half of the 20th century. They came with packs of cigarettes. Here's a pretty comprehensive article about them.

That reference appears to be of British origin. That would explain why they manage to discuss tobacco cards without ever mentioning the Honus Wagner card, which is undoubtedly the most famous tobacco card of all time.

It was probably covered in the article that was linked but, the cigarette cards were included because they helped keep the cigarettes from getting bent or crushed. Essentially, they gave the pack its structure.

As far as the initial question goes, the only things I have bought as of yet, aside from books, would be two prints that I believe to be early works by the artist Joseph Clayton Clarke. He would eventually adopt the pseudonym "Kyd" when he became famous for his illustration of higher end Dickens collections.

I haven't been able to verify their authenticity as of yet but they feature a penciled "JCC" signature that I am assuming would have been used before the adoption of the name "Kyd"

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