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October 24, 2010


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Wow he is amazing!

Oh my gosh.

First of all, after all my AG prattling, WHY did you not tell me YOU collected dolls? That's great!

Secondly, this is so so awesome. I mean, seriously. I think I would have requested a bit of a 5 o'clock shadow on him, myself, but otherwise he's kind of perfect. And I love your liquor cabinet joke...can you buy little Tonner-doll-sized goblets? :P

Congratulations, I'm so glad you got such an awesome doll!

Didn't I tell you I collected dolls? I thought I did. Whoops! :-) I do love all your doll posts, both the AG ones and the ones about the dolls that you make. And I really appreciate your helping me find Laurie's site!

Oh dear -- I hope there are no little goblets available. That's all he needs. I'll have to make sure he doesn't start doing searches for "doll-sized goblets" on Google!

So glad you both like him!

I second what Selenia said; he's amazing!! I love his eyes, and his hairstyle! And yeah; who'd have thought that Sinister Circus character could become Sydney. :D That's really cool that you got to pick the fabrics, hair color, and stuff, too.

I wonder if Laurie Lenz would do Horatio Hornblower or Sherlock Holmes...

Gina, What a fabulous introduction for our Sydney! I laughed so hard that you wrote about the 3 reroot needles he broke. He was a hard headed man! LOL I'm so glad you are enjoying him! He was a great project to work on and an ever so inspiring character! Maybe he needs a Lucie now. :) In response to Marian's question...I'd LOVE to do a Horatio Hornblower, or Sherlock Holmes...or perhaps a Daniel Deronda. Hmmm....

Just thinking...another INCREDIBLE character-- and I read that Dickens himself said that this was his favorite literary work that he wrote-- was Nicholas Nickelby. If you haven't read this, I highly recommend it!

Hi Gina,
So happy to be on board for this fun project. It was the perfect break between classes! Oh, I would love to be part of that Sherlock Holmes project, should it ever come to pass. One of my favorite characters!
Wonderful blog, great fun reading it. Who knew that sinister guy could be a wonderful Sydney!

Hey Gina,
That doll looks amazing. I'm jealous now. I want one!


Wonderful creation. I would characterize Sydney's gaze as one of steely-eyed determination. It's perfect for somebody who is about to give his "sublime and prophetic" farewell address. Except for the little girl doll, the well dressed females surrounding him could easily be members of the French aristocracy waiting their turn on the guillotine. Move the little girl to another shelf, add a doll dressed as a poor seamstress, and pose Sydney with a comforting arm around the seamstress and the scene is complete.

KAWAIIIIII! I have a book on how to make ball jointed dolls. If I ever get gobs of time I'm going to make one and Sydney is definitely on my list.

Cool! When you do, please share photos, Scrabcake!

Ooh I just love #23. He's so sexy. The doll is gorgeous, but not gorgeous enough to state the case. Where's the link where you order one? Did you see the 1984 BBC cartoon? That's me down there in the comments section throwing roses on the stage.

Scrabcake! Where have you been?? I started a 2C fan club and I haven't been able to find you to recruit you. Been going nearly 2 years now. (To the rest: "We take … all into [our club.]" -CD)

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