The Gospel in Dickens
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October 31, 2010


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Ooh, that sounds fun. I have an idea...

Aw, all energies are going to NaNo right now, but hopefully I can come up with something for this!

I think I might do this using Great Expectations.

Here you are. A ghostly insertion into an unimportant little scene in "Bleak House." Some of the words are Dickens', and some are mine.

Beautiful job, Christy! You made it so seamless!


Terrific Christy!

And hey, I really want to see you write some DC fic, madam. I'm like the only one who writes DC and I want to READ some too! ^_^

Christy, that was absolutely beautiful. I love reading Bleak House fics and rarely get to. That was phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here is mine. I chose a passage from Great Expectations:

"And hey, I really want to see you write some DC fic, madam. I'm like the only one who writes DC and I want to READ some too!"

And here I thought you had it all covered.
OK, fine. I'm going to haunt Aunt Betsey.

Selenia: Auggh! Ghostly!

Ah. I think I might do one. It might be a day or two, though.

Oh, poor Aunt Betsey!

Selenia, wow!! That was truly chilling!

Christy yours is amazing!
I can't wait to read others!

I'll write one soon. I think I'll do one on OMF, maybe. :)


When I get a chance, I'm going to try a "Little Dorrit" one.

So, I FINALLY got my ghost story written -- in April!

Special thanks to Nina -- your "How to Write Like Dickens" tutorial was a great help with this one.

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