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December 20, 2010


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Nina, could you do a full body sketch of David Copperfield introducing Dora to Steerforth? I envision the scene with David having an arm around Dora. Steerforth is taking Dora's hand in order to kiss it. I will leave it up to you how seductive to make Steerforth's manner. We know that he didn't care enough about the Peggotys to refrain from seducing Emily, but he clearly had some real affection for David. Whether it would have been enough to restrain him with Dora is less certain.

Sure! So that will be...a $10 donation, I think? Do you want me to use my own artistic license in the character's physical appearances or do you have a particular look in mind? :)

I like your depiction of Dora in that sketch of yours which Gina posted in September, so stick with that. I don't have a particular face in mind for either David or Steerforth, so you may use artistic license with them. However, David has to be youthful looking and Steerforth has to be extremely handsome and engaging in order to be true to their characters in the novel.

That'll make a great picture!

I've been trying to decide which of two pictures I wanted drawn; I've decided to spoil myself and get both. (Maybe I'll get some cash in my stocking this year!) Hope you have time for both, Nina!

Novel: "Little Dorrit"
Characters: Arthur, Amy
Length: Full body
Description: I would like a wedding portrait of these two! You know I was never happy with Amy's wedding dress in the recent miniseries. Arthur's costume was fine, but for Amy I'd like to see something simple and pretty. Hair up, I think; Claire Foy looked nice with her hair down, but an updo is probably more historically accurate. As far as physical appearance, a general resemblance to Foy and Macfadyen would be good, but it doesn't have to be slavishly close, if that makes sense.

Novel: "A Tale of Two Cities"
Characters: Sydney, Mr. Lorry
Length: Full body
Description: The two of them sitting looking into the fire from the chapter "The Game Made." No particular faces in mind; just go with whatever looks good to you.

Thank you!

Oh dear, well me being a perfectionist, you all will have to be patient! :P I have started on yours, though, David. ^_^ And Gina, those sound terrific! Do you want Regency style clothes for Amy/Arthur, like in the movie?

Considering that you're still waiting for your "Bleak House" drabble, I can be patient! :-) IIRC, "Little Dorrit" is set in 1827 or thereabouts, so whatever style of clothing would be appropriate for then, I guess.

Okay, I've FINALLY finished two drawings. I still don't like them much - I was out of practice and it shows! - but I hope you'll enjoy them. :) Gina, I decided to take some artistic liberty and do a bust-length version of Sydney and Mr. Lorry as I thought it looked better (full-length Sydney was looking like a stringbean :P). He is fun to draw, I must say. :)

David's drawing:

Gina's drawing #2:

Oh my goodness! If that's what you produce when you're out of practice, you must be Rembrandt when you're not!! :-)

Those are magnificent. I love Sydney's face, and I love how Mr Lorry is looking at him.
My favorite part of the other one is the draping of Steerforth's (that's who it is, right?) clothes and hair, though all of it is quite lovely.

I love how Mr. Lorry is looking at him too! And his (Sydney's) eyes are perfect!

Oh my gosh, Gina! I never drew your Arthur and Amy pic?!

I'll get it this weekend! I'm sorry!

Don't feel bad. I still haven't done my own Halloween fanfic challenge. :-)

Here we are...again, I did more of a close up than a full body. Arthur's supposed to be looking down at Amy, and Amy is looking at their wedding rings, but I'm not sure that translated exactly. Anyway here you go!

It's beautiful! It made me smile. Thanks so much, Nina!

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