The Gospel in Dickens
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December 19, 2010


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Too lazy to read it, but I must say I disagree with Kornbluth's assessment. A huge part of Dickens' artistry is in the creation of characters and the way his dialogue is crafted to describe the moment in a visual way. Actually, sometimes Dickens' stories are quite weak when they are stripped to their bare bones, it is all the "trimmings" that makes them so extravagant and special.


It's such a looooong book; I can see why you'd want to chop it in half.
He should cut out "Humbug." No one uses language like that anymore.

As a fast-paced story, I suppose it's not bad, but he's strangled the life out of it by removing Dickens' language.

You know, good doesn't come of people underestimating the ability of their kids to understand stuff. He's either saying he doesn't think his kid is smart enough to get it or that he is patient/smart enough to understand it enough to explain it. Either way his kid is getting sold short with the daddy-abridged version.

For the record, I agree with all of you. I just wanted to sit back for once and let you all have a chance to share your opinions, as I tend to be overly opinionated around here most of the time!

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