The Gospel in Dickens
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January 28, 2011


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Re: the book of a lifetime article: "These arguments in critical theory [...] gave way to full-blown structuralism and destroyed any pleasure in imaginative fiction - as far as I was concerned"
Yeah. That's my thoughts about literary criticism in general.

Would you explain more about your thought that she's off the mark with the religion comment?

She talks about Dickens's "attacks on . . . religion." I don't think that's quite accurate. He attacked certain elements of religion as it was practiced in his day, and certain religious figures, but not, I think, religion itself.

Agreed, Gina. If "A Christmas Carol" and the end of "A Tale of Two Cities" is anything to go by, the I think that Dickens did believe in Christianity. I think what he disliked was the the way organized religion had so often strayed so far from the original message.

Re the story about a local production where Oliver Twist is being played by a girl. It would be quite easy to change the title to "Olivia"

Ah, yes, certainly. Do agree on the religion thing.

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