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January 01, 2011


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I've read it's not my favorite but Mrs Gamp and Pecksniff make it well worth the time!

Haha, I actually really liked this one, except for the American chapters (which were just majorly overdone, not really offensive lol). Guess that makes me a g_______d liar, huh? ;)

Barnaby Rudge was my holdout for years, but thanks to you guys I just finished it for the second time. Also did MC twice, though I wouldn't have remembered it - thanks for reminder about Gamp and Pecksniff. How can this guy put down a book that introduced the word "Pecksniffian" into the language?

I am a horrible, horrific liar. I am lying when I say I liked and was annoyed by Tom Pinch, when I say I earnestly wanted someone to kick Pecksniff downstairs, and when I say that I wanted to do it myself at the part where he was hitting on poor Mary...Hrmph.

I've read it before--I promise :-) I really liked parts of Martin Chuzzlewit. My favorite chapters were actually the America chapters, because I feel like not much has changed here since then. Dickens also does a great job with Jonas (shivers) and the scene with all of the Chuzzlewit relatives in Pecksniff's house.

Thanks for your faith in us. While I haven't read all of Dickens's novels, I have read Martin Chuzzlewit. Honest!

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