The Gospel in Dickens
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January 18, 2011


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Ooh, I quite want to read these now. I did read the "My Fair Lady" book recently, to refresh my memory of it, because I read it as a child, too, never knowing it was by a Dickens relative.

Enjoyed reading your two postings about Monica Dickens - I used to love her books when I was a teenager. My favourite out of her novels was 'Kate and Emma', which I don't remember too well now but I think was quite melodramatic - I also liked 'Follyfoot', a horse story which was turned into a hit children's TV series.

I remember 'One Pair of Hands' and also 'My Turn to Make the Tea', about her time as a local newspaper reporter, and 'An Open Book', her autobiography, published in 1978 - I believe there is a bit in there about the family going to a service every year for Dickens' birthday, and how she remembered her grandfather, Henry, dressing up as his father and giving a reading from one of his books. She says in that book that she regrets never having asked her grandfather anything about what Dickens was like, but as a small child she never thought about it!

I did read 'Mariana' a few years ago in the Persephone edition but didn't warm to it very much - however, maybe I will try one of her others!

Thanks so much for weighing in, Judy! I do want to read a lot more of her work. I'm reading "The Winds of Heaven" next -- do you know it?

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