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February 01, 2011


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Hey, that's a cool competition! I'll have to go weigh in... ♥

How is that Ioan Gruffudd has only 5 votes? :(

Marian, if you like him, that's a good thing. :-) Remember, the idea is that we're voting people OFF. So you vote for the person that you want to see leave the competition.

Oh, that makes more sense then.. ;) Well, I don't have LJ, so I couldn't vote anyway, but this should be interesting to follow.

It wouldn't let me vote, but I would vote for Toby Stephens as Rochester, which is entirely wrong, because Rochester isn't supposed to be pretty, which Toby Stephens is. But he was such a good brooder.

Oh, sorry about that. I thought it was open to everyone.

This is kind of sad to watch. :P

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