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February 17, 2011


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Unlikely indeed. =P I would have thought that a pretty unique idea.

Oh, I think the tragic character as inspiration would be very likely (and hurrah for Asian designers!). And reminded me of the reimagined 'Great Expectations' in 1998. Think all that green, and stunning Bancroft:

That raises an interesting point: We've been hearing a good deal lately about the reading public of India going mad for Dickens in recent years. Now a designer from Nepal. . . . It would be pretty cool if Dickens fandom were spreading across Asia!

On a somewhat related note, my sister had sent me a picture with a description that mentioned Miss Havisham, and just yesterday I saw another mention of Miss Havisham on an article about a designer.
Here are both images:

BWAHAHA! Lady Gaga and Miss Havisham -- now THERE'S a connection I never would have thought to make!

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