The Gospel in Dickens
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February 16, 2011


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Elinor Dashwood.
Oh, wait, that's not Dickens.
I've been taking a survey of Dickens characters in my mind, and I can't think of one, really. I'm too eccentric for all his "normal" characters, not eccentric enough for his eccentric characters, more virtuous than his villains and idiots, less virtuous than his very virtuous heroines.

I don't think I'm very much like any of them, though I do share some personality traits with several of them. I filled out Nina's Dickens heroines tag once, and I turned out most like Amy Dorrit. :) I'm not nearly as heroic as she is, though.

Like I said, I think I'm Peggotty. Not exactly a glamorous character, I guess, but like her I have firm loyalties and am usually well tempered and jolly, but can get extremely angry at people I feel have hurt my family (even if my family has forgiven them)!

I think I have a lot of Biddy's traits, although sometimes I wish I were as bold as Estella.

I've always identified most with Arthur Clennam. I like the way he retained a cheerful outlook and optimistic disposition even though his life hadn't given him much to be cheerful about.

Having given it some thought, I believe I am . . .

--Part Amy Dorrit (hardworking; shy about sharing my deepest feelings)
--Part Esther Summerson (a writer, though Esther wouldn't have considered herself a professional)
--Part Pet Meagles (my family spoils me!)
--And, alas, part Mrs. Jellyby (an awful slob when I get wrapped up in a project)

The difficulty here is that Dickens' Caricatures are just that, caricatures. They are a thorough delight to observe, to get caught up in their moments, to laugh and cry with but seeing yourself fulling embodied in a specific Dickens character, tricky.

I am a bit of Oliver Twist, Agnes Wickfield, and Wemmick. Probably others. Not sure.
I agree with the previous post about Jane Austen. Her characterization of one is an overly thorough uncomfortable incarnation.

Although Estella isn't the greatest character to be like, I feel like I can identify with her in SOME ways. She's a bit of an ice princess; as am I and she doesn't like to let anyone in. She and I are also quite bold. I also feel like I'm similar to Nancy in some ways too. She sides with the person she loves, right or wrong, but eventually she tries to do the right thing. Altogether I think I'm a cross between Estella and Nancy.

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