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March 19, 2011


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That's a great paragraph! I'm can't decide if it sounds familiar or not though... Luckily spring break is next week, so I'll try to participate. :)

And I promise I won't Google it, though I'm sorely tempted to do so...

Word count? Due date? PRIZE?? (bribery, loot) . . . I'm sure I know where it's from (haven't looked it up yet) Am I supposed to say?

Word count: Whatever you want it to be.

Due date: Whatever you want it to be, though it would be nice if it were soon, so I get my reading material sooner rather than later. :D

Prize: The compliments of your readers. ;-) We don't generally do prizes for these.

Oh, and you're free to offer your guesses about where the passage is from.

I'm guessing it's by Wilkie Collins or Bram Stoker... I have an idea for a short story/drabble, but it may take me a while to figure out how to write it.

I think it's Jane Eyre, when she comes back to Rochester andhe's blind.

It's not "Jane Eyre" -- but you're actually pretty close!

ok I googled it so won't say as it's cheating!

Haven't written fanfic before - does this qualify?

. . . said in a deep, almost sepulchural tone --

“I am in the presence of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?” I didn’t answer – just pointed – I find it scares them more if I don’t talk.

I’d been kind of bored with this guy and thought I might skip the whole intervention and let him get what was coming to him. But he seemed to insist, so I took him around to see all the usual the sights – the not-so-grieving servants pawning his bedclothes, his own grave – and then the kicker – the grieving family of the little crippled kid. Gets ’em every time – better than threatening to kill a kitten.

It actually turned out to be a very successful intervention. He bought the turkey, scared his housekeeper, danced with his nephew’s wife, gave his clerk a raise, and celebrated the holiday with the best of them. It’s one of the best gigs I’ve ever had, and a lot more fun than scaring smokers or drunk drivers.

HA! I love it! You may never have written fanfic before, but you're really good. :-) Thanks for participating!

Hahahahaa! That was awesome. I was also vaguely pondering the Ghost scene, though not from such a creative point of view.

"I didn’t answer – just pointed – I find it scares them more if I don’t talk."


I didn't even think of doing Christmas Yet to Come, but it does fit very well. :) Currently working on my story; hope to post it soon!

How's that story coming, Marian? I'm very eager to read it! :-)

Well, it's about 2/3 finished, but I'm having a bit of writer's block for the last 1/3. :P I'm either going to finish that and then post it, or go ahead and post what I've written as "part 1"...

I may try this if I find a good moment (I haven't written any Dickens-fic since last summer, waaah D:)! Great idea, Gina. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed that you can find a good moment! :-)

I want to write something for it too, but no inspiration has struck.

Marian, where's your story??

I did finish it, but it didn't turn out as good as the original idea. :P I can still post it, if you want?

Please do! I really want to read it! And I'm sure it's better than you think. :-)

Ok. :)

Let me know if there are any typos/etc. I checked, but sometimes I miss even spelling errors.

My word, girl! That was wonderful!! I can't believe you didn't think it turned out well!

Thanks. :) I guess it just seemed a bit rusty, since I haven't been writing much lately.

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