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April 28, 2011


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I agree...this question always seems weird. :P I tend to think of it as more like "the most interesting villain". In that case, I'd say Tulkinghorn, because he's very cunning, but appears to be a respectable, model-citizen type of guy.

I think it's more like "the villain you love to hate," and actually some of my favorite Dickensian characters are the villains. :P Uriah Heep is my favorite comical villain (there's several layers to his character and interactions), and Bradley Headstone is my favorite serious villain, he seems really realistic and I liked following his storyline.

Does Scrooge count? :)


Mostly because he is the one villain, without exception, that I NEVER feel sorry for!

Selenia -- sure, why not? :-) He.does start out that way!

I guess I'll go with Fagin. He does have his sympathetic moments -- though how much of my perception comes from the jolly depiction in the musical, I could not venture to say. :-)

I think possibly Pecksniff. I never had so much fun getting all hot under the collar about someone.
Tulkinghorn is also a really, really good bad guy. Also Ralph Nickleby.

I think Fagin has good points, even without the musical. He is the first person to treat Oliver as a human being. My vote is for Fagin.

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