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April 29, 2011


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Pecksniff! I know he's also one of my favorite villains. I'm of two minds about him, whether I just hate him or whether I love to hate him.
Also Bradley Headstone. Probably he should be my most favorite, because he is so very nuanced and intricate a character, but he gives me the creeps. I think I'd be more afraid of him than of nearly any other Dickens character.

Yeah, Bradley's scariest because he's the most real, in my book.

Hmm, least favorite villain? There are plenty I'm indifferent to, but probably my least favorite is Sir John Chester from Barnaby Rudge. Lord, that guy was so annoying I couldn't stand reading the passages involving him. And it wasn't in a good way - he was just so obviously bad it was ridiculous. :P

I don't find Bradley scary because he's realistic but just because of the form his character takes. I'll take a cat-like or snake-like bad guy over a bull-in-a-china-shop bad guy any day. The really brutal ones scare the daylights out of me, while I kind of understand the calm, intelligent, really nasty ones. :D

Also Madame Dufarge. Brilliant character but so very annoying.

Agreed about Pecksniff. And I don't know who's my very least favorite, but Rigaud is certainly one of them. There's just nothing likeable/sympathizable about him, at all.

Oh, I do completely agree about Rigaud. Also Flintwinch.


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